Meet AJ

Originally from Herefordshire, I am now based alongside my business in Manchester. Having developed my skills, knowledge and expertise through 40 years of experience, 2018 was the year I chose to further not only my career, but my passion.

There is no better reward other than seeing others succeed, and this became the driving force behind my personal, and business’s core values: Passion, Energy, and People.

When I am not channelling my energies into delivering results, I can usually be found expelling the excess at the gym.

So if you have any problems that are holding you back, find that your time is subject to over consumption, or if you fancy a quick chat or coffee, I would be delighted to hear from you.

There’s no better reward than seeing your success. Our core values are built around our passion and energy to see you, and your business thrive.

Get to know AJ Business Solutions

Imagine a tremendous piece of copy that occupies this space, it tells you all about AJ Business Solutions, it's history, and the wealth of experience that came together to form the business. The problem being that telling you all about AJ Business Support does not actually help you with any of your problems. The only thing you should take away from this section is that it's not about us, or about this business, it's about you, and about your business, and seeing how we can work together to solve those problems to put you back onto the path of success.